Wedding Inspiration Board

January 31, 2018


Happy Wedding Wednesday! I didn't even know that was a thing? Well at least when I wasn't engaged-lol. I'm going to make my wedding planning a Wedding Wednesday series on my blog. Don't expect a new post every Wednesday, I'd be too busy stressed about planning a Wedding, no way I want to add creating a new post! As my first Wedding Wednesday (omg how many times can I say that?), I'd like to saaaaaaay...
I cannot believe we are finally choosing a date next month! Wedding planning is about to get SURREAL. Ok, we aren't technically going to book our date but we're going to sit down and finally decide the month/season. What more of a better time to show you guys my Wedding Inspiration board!!  

We're Iced In

January 18, 2018

This post is going up late but that's because we were pretty much iced in and that means I got to sleep in. Think snowed in but instead it's a sleet of ice, where it's unsafe to drive and even walk. The office, schools and businesses were closed. People up North probably thought we were fools, us Houstonians do not know how to react when the temperature hits below 20.  But it sure wasn't funny when I took out Togepi for his morning walk and slipped in the hallway.

Chicago for New Years

January 6, 2018

We are back from Chicago! Well we've been back since Tuesday. We landed in Houston at 11PM. 
Chicago is so beautiful! It's expensive, the food was great, it really is known as the windiest city and it had a lot to offer. I also didn't know that Carlos has family there, so it's a possibility that we will go back- yay! I'm hoping during Summer now that we experienced it in Winter.


January 1, 2018

Happy New Years! 

2018. Wow. Do you ever feel like time is seriously rushing by and you're wondering, 'what am I doing?!' I'm not sure where this blog is going but I've always wanted to start one of my own and after following a couple of other influencers, I finally decided to just do it. And I have my Fiancé to thank for that.

Now I'm not going to come off as someone that I'm not and be behind a screen feeding my future readers a life that I don't have. People I know in real life are going to end up here and know the bullshit. Oh and since this blog is mine, I'll be talking as how I please. So if you're easily offended by potty mouths and easily annoyed by girly shrieking screams, you're on the wrong blog.

This isn't going to be a lifestyle blog of fashion and beauty as you see everywhere. On occasions you'll probably stumble upon a couple of posts containing those tid bits, but by all means, don't read it. I'm no beauty guru and I have no idea what the hell I'm honestly talking about.
This blog is mine and I wish to make it my online diary. I want to actually write about my daily activities, express my frustrations and fears, share these ventures in my life. .

I'm 28 years old and I'm at the moment of my life that I actually feel pretty content. Aside of my constant anxiety and minor depression days, I'm happy right now. Some people might laugh that I'm doing this publicly, some people might be curious/nosey and want to know what I'm actually writing about. My Fiancé is a great supporter and knows that I need this. And truthfully, I cannot wait to read back on all these posts 3 years from now, when we're already married, living in a home and possibly, starting a family.

I'm scared but here's my first post and obviously that did not stop me from making this blog.
I really do hope you stay.

P.S, We're in Chicago!!
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