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Happy Wedding Wednesday! I didn't even know that was a thing? Well at least when I wasn't engaged-lol. I'm going to make my wedding planning a Wedding Wednesday series on my blog. Don't expect a new post every Wednesday, I'd be too busy stressed about planning a Wedding, no way I want to add creating a new post! As my first Wedding Wednesday (omg how many times can I say that?), I'd like to saaaaaaay...
I cannot believe we are finally choosing a date next month! Wedding planning is about to get SURREAL. Ok, we aren't technically going to book our date but we're going to sit down and finally decide the month/season. What more of a better time to show you guys my Wedding Inspiration board!!  

Originally I wanted dark, moody and romantic. Y'all, I'm talking about gold accents with a lot of black and greenery. Gold candle holders with black candle sticks, dark chairs, black linen with gold chargers and a beautiful black calligraphy chalkboard sign with a vintage gold frame.

Carlos was not having it, and so wasn't my future MIL. Ugh.

So there I go pouting and deleting my inspiration board on Pinterest having to start from scratch. Carlos wanted to wear a Navy blue suit along with his groomsmen, so I had to look for a color scheme that can make us both happy. I was surprised by how many inspiration boards that popped up with Navy blue. There were so many accent colors that just went well with it. There was no ugly choice.

Then I thought, why not rose gold? Rose gold is gorgeous. It's chic, romantic and elegant. It's my favorite. Then I thought of the perfect theme, Elegant and romantic.  So I started pinning anything that caught my attention and decided to add a few colors as well. I mean, no one said you had to have only 2 colors?

Thus was a completion of Navy blue, rose gold, champagne and ivory. 

The guys are wearing Navy blue suits so I definitely didn't want the girls in blue dresses too and was just about to finally decide to put them in a champagne color when I saw the above champagne/blue combo. Now I have to be on a mission to find a similar bridesmaid dress! Which trust me, I've been browsing and no luck. Now I don't know how other brides are but I am one to not let my girls look horrible in a color or style that does not go well with them. I'm looking out for you babes! lol

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