We're Iced In

This post is going up late but that's because we were pretty much iced in and that means I got to sleep in. Think snowed in but instead it's a sleet of ice, where it's unsafe to drive and even walk. The office, schools and businesses were closed. People up North probably thought we were fools, us Houstonians do not know how to react when the temperature hits below 20.  But it sure wasn't funny when I took out Togepi for his morning walk and slipped in the hallway.

Houston's weather has been crazy this Winter, from it snowed in Texas to now we're experiencing an icy storm. Texas doesn't get cold like this, it's Texas. But I'm sure not complaining as I looooove Winter! I mean I just came back from Chicago where it was -1, when it hurt to even smile because the wind hit my teeth so hard that it felt like I was biting into ice cream. I can literally say this weather ain't shit compared to Chicago's. For gods sake, I took Togepi out in my shorts, I'm pretty much indestructible- lol.

Carlos and I have been stuck inside the apartment, snacking on food, watching movies and myself cuddling with Togepi. Unfortunately Carlos got so bored, he started cleaning the apartment! Again, no complaints. With the last couple days off we had, I took advantage of the extra free time and did some Wedding planning. I'm so not ready for this temperature drop to pass.

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