Where to Eat in Chicago

January 8, 2018

I went to Chicago for New Years this year and I must say, it truly is the windiest city! If you're needing some tips and wanting to know what to do in Chicago, you can check out my Itinerary guide here.
I'll be updating this post every chance I get when I go back and try out more restaurants! Luckily, Carlos has family there so I'm sure I'll be visiting soon (;

*Also a quick side note; if you're looking for coffee spots and are staying in the downtown loop, there's is a Starbucks (yay for members) at every corner and a café at every street!
Goddess and the Baker (225 N. Lasalle, Chicago IL 60601)
There is more than 1 location in Chicago but if you're the type of person that Instagram their avocado toast, then this location is for you! They have a huge "EAT NOW caffeinate" sign that is picturesque, and you won't regret sitting across snapping that perfect latte shot with a marble table background. 
Portillo's (Multiple locations)
Did you know they can SHIP you their hotdogs?! Of course you'll have to make them once delivered but I'm not sure who would want to spend $75+ lol.

Giordano's (Multiple locations)
Need I say anything? Try their famous deep dish pizza!
Lou Malnati's (Multiple locations)
Giordano's was good but when Carlos' family ordered pizza from Lou Malnati's, there was NO competition! LM's was by far my FAVE. Try it out for yourself!
Toni Patisserie (65 E Washington St, Chicago IL 60602)
This cute little French themes café is perfect for some light lunch and tons of sweets if you can't help yourself. Just a tip, if you're needing to use the RR, prepare for a long walk!

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