DIY: Affordable Baby Gender Reveal Backdrop (or any theme)

February 24, 2018

My sister is having a Gender Reveal Party for her new little nugget. Since I have the honor of knowing what the baby will be, I accepted her request to make a backdrop for her party.
I've made a backdrop before for my bestie's Bridal Shower so I gladly accepted!
When you look on Etsy or browse around to have one made for you, you'll see a price that'll make you want to change your mind on even having a backdrop. I am for one, wasn't going to hire someone to make it and charge me over $100 to maybe end up being thrown away!
So why not a Affordable DIY backdrop? My sister spent $6 and me, $13. That's less than $20 in total!

Our Proposal

February 13, 2018

Today is our 2 year Anniversary and I decided to dedicate this post on sharing our proposal story.
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