February 26, 2018

The Rodeo is here in Houston! Over the weekend my Fiancé and I got invited to go to the cook off with a friend of mine. However plans got cancelled and even tho I was still offered to go, I decided not to. 1) It was a chance to save some money, 2) We needed to pack since we move to our new apt in 2 weeks and 3) I'm currently healing from being sick, do I really want to be caught in the rain that Houston is having lately?
C and I dropped off Togepi at my parents Saturday night so he can be with my nephews and enjoy his play time. They love having him over, which is such a blessing for me- lol. We went to have dinner and while sitting there waiting for our food, our waitress complimented me saying how I was pretty. The reason why I'm even mentioning this is bc it stuck with me. I was flattered y'all. Like I'm always THAT girl at the bathroom telling other girls they're pretty and for once, another girl told ME this.
I have been in a slump for MONTHS, going back to last year, on my appearance. I have let myself go. I've gotten too comfortable in my relationship with C that I completely let myself let loose. There isn't anything wrong with being comfortable, but there is a limit where you reach and need to control yourself. And y'all, I have way crossed that limit.
But when I was at dinner and this girl complimented me, my insecurities rebuilt itself and knew I was what she said. Thus, I finished the rest of my weekend great and starting this week with confidence and continuing on bettering myself. The more motivation, the merrier!

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