DIY: Affordable Baby Gender Reveal Backdrop (or any theme)

February 24, 2018

My sister is having a Gender Reveal Party for her new little nugget. Since I have the honor of knowing what the baby will be, I accepted her request to make a backdrop for her party.
I've made a backdrop before for my bestie's Bridal Shower so I gladly accepted!
When you look on Etsy or browse around to have one made for you, you'll see a price that'll make you want to change your mind on even having a backdrop. I am for one, wasn't going to hire someone to make it and charge me over $100 to maybe end up being thrown away!
So why not a Affordable DIY backdrop? My sister spent $6 and me, $13. That's less than $20 in total!

You will need the following items:
  • Ribbon - $4 @ Dollar Store 
  • Streamers - $6 @ Dollar Store
  • Double sided tape (extra strength) - $8 @ Target
  • Scissors 
  • Table cover - $1 @ Dollar Store
  • Masking tape
  • Stool/Chair
  • Banner/*Frame - DIY Recycled from stationary
Stand on a stool/chair and using the masking tape, tape up the table cover against the wall. Make sure to measure how long and wide you'd like the backdrop to be. I used the entire width but for length, I did it between 6.50-7 ft. You can cut the access off or simply fold inward.

Measure the length of your ribbons/streamers to the table cover length and cut. Repeat this process until you have a handful of cut streamers. You may also continue measuring/cutting while working throughout the backdrop shall you need more. In total, I had 32 cut streamers.

Using the double sided tape, place the tape at the start of the streamer about 3 inches length only on one side. The side of the tape, place the streamer against the table cover and press ensuring the streamer sticks. Continue this step all throughout.

Hang banner or any added on details as you wish!
*I had leftover ribbon so I made bows and placed on top of the backdrop.

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