Our Proposal

Today is our 2 year Anniversary and I decided to dedicate this post on sharing our proposal story.
April 15, 2017 was a Easter weekend and my Bestie's Birthday. Earlier that week, my bestie invited Carlos and I to share the celebration with her and her family. And yes Carlos had this planned all along! Carlos and I had just moved into our (last) apartment 2 weeks before the invite and I thought, 1) yes I needed a break from all the stress that came with moving and 2) duh, it's her Birthday, of course! Who would've thought, that that day, would be a memory to last forever.

Carlos is at work (so I thought) and was going to meet up after. So there I am getting dolled up when my bestie texted me saying, "Wear something cute, I want to take full body pictures". Obviously that was a hint! Y'all if I would've had the slightest hint, I wouldn't have worn what I did but it was a backyard BBQ so I dressed for that and of course I wouldn't want to outshine the birthday girl (; 

As soon as I got to her parent's house, everyone was looking at me. You know how you can't help but look at the entry way when someone just walks in? Think about 20 people doing that to you. Well when I was walking around and up the drive way, her dad said to walk through the grass (another hint), but I thought no that was disrespectful so I stayed on my route. Later to find out Carlos was actually hiding inside the garage, which was opened, which the drive way lead to- lol. I found my bff right away and she turned me around facing a camera to take a picture. As you can see below, Carlos was sneaking up to surprise me. And yes he wore that, as he forgot to take clothes and did pretend to go to work that day. 

I sure was surprised when I saw him! By this time, I still didn't think anything of it. So we kissed and he kept smiling and rubbing his hands up and down my arms and I'm asking him if he was ok? What's wrong and why is he acting weird?

He was telling me how much he loves me and I'm not even noticing everyone looking at us until he pulls out a ring box and gets on his knee. OH MY GOD. I'm just stunned, like I didn't even say yes yet! This all wasn't registering until you hear my bff say,
"So it that a yes?!"
 I gladly gave him my hand (the wrong hand btw due to being shocked- lol) and gave that crowd a double chin nod! 

See, the wrong hand lol ^^

The feeling was surreal. It felt like time had froze. Everyone congratulated us and I still couldn't fully comprehend what just happened. I felt light headed, butterflies fluttering around in my stomach, heart racing and my cheeks were very warm from how flustered I was. And I'm pretty sure I'm going to feel this way again when I walk down the aisle! Although I wish I had been proposed to in front of my family and closest circle of friends, the outcome would've still been a "YES!" And I am still oh so blessed that it happened to me on such a beautiful weekend with people that do care about me by the greatest man I have ever dated.

Happy Anniversary, Carlos.


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    1. Hi! Thank you so much for reading about this special day in my life! Hope you follow along on the rest of my journey! xx