Shrimp Scampi Anniversary Dinner at Home

February 14, 2018

First off, Happy Valentines Day! I hope everyone has plans with their beaus and if you happen to be single, enjoy the day/night to yourself and text your girlfriends Happy Valentines day! Ain't nothing wrong with pampering yourself so if you got $25 to spare, go ahead and get yourself a manicure in the cutest shade pink (; 

(olive oil + basil with bread and avocado)

(shrimp scampi and Bartenura moscato)

Last night was our 2nd anniversary and since we are on tight funds due to Wedding Planning, we thought why not cook dinner at the comfort of our home? 

We had gone grocery shopping and Carlos found this shrimp scampi recipe on the Food Network's page and decided to cook that for our dinner. I wanted tiny shrimp as I'm not a big fan of shrimp in general and Carlos wanted the huge kind since they were on sale. We went for the huge shrimp and I can honestly say I'm glad I listened to him. Don't ever knock something out until you try it!

I started to help around the kitchen but as usual, Carlos took over- lol. I think he's just impatient as I tend to be a little slow paced when it comes to cooking or being on my own but that's bc I honestly have no idea what I'm doing! Ugh but I'm not giving up! At least I got to stir the shrimp and chopped shallots- lol. 

We made olive oil + basil for our bread dipping to snack on while we cooked. Once dinner was ready, we had forgotten about our appetizers, crab cakes, so we placed it in the oven and ate that too! I'm stuffed just thinking of it. 

Oh and last thing, we're doing an anniversary photo session this weekend and I am excited and nervous on how the pictures will turn out. I don't even have the slightest clue on what to wear and we are 3 days away! 

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