Weekend Recap // Moving, Rodeo & Anniversary Photoshoot

 Good Morning! C and I are currently on our "last week" until we move to our new apartment!
Our official move in date is this Saturday but our lease isn't over at our current apartment until Monday, April 2nd. We're picking up the keys this Saturday and going to start moving in some boxes that are already packed. The furniture is moving in next Wednesday and luckily we will still have access to our apartment throughout the remainder of the month to move the little stuff!
Saturday, C's mom had some Rodeo suite tickets to a concert and invited us with the family. I've been to the Rodeo before but never in a suite and that was such a neat experience. We had free drinks and food from chicken tenders, sliders, pizza to sweets like chips, cookies and ice cream! Not to mention we had a great view of the show and our own restroom. Definitely accepting that offer again! (;

Sunday morning we took our anniversary photos. I was going to cancel with our photographer as Houston's weather wasn't cooperating in the morning, looking all cloudy and gloomy. But I'm so glad I didn't because the light was out about 9AM and the sun appeared mid way of our photo session. Now if you follow my personal Instagram, @sincerelyachy, on my instastories you would've seen a blooper. Yup, leave it to me to fall off the steps and scrape my leg within the first 20 minutes. Oh but I get bonus points for still going through the session! I was determined to finally get the photos done considering we've rescheduled twice due to the weather. Thanks Houston.

So lot's of packing, and lot's of peroxide....This is going to be one long week.

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