How to create Instagram Highlight Icons

March 8, 2018

Ever seen some Instagram accounts have their Highlights organized into categories? Then wonder how they got those icons too?
Now typically you'll see this for business accounts, bloggers, influencers, etc. No worries, turns out you don't need to have a business account to do so! And no, you don't need to go on Etsy and pay someone to make them for you. After reading this post, you'll too soon have those cute icons on your Instagram Highlight Stories.
On your web browser, search for a cute background (google works best) and save the image to your camera roll.
Now type the item that you want as your Highlight icon, also adding "transparent background". You must type that as it is the only way you can get the icon to be transparent on your background.
Ex: For a Beauty Highlight, you will type "makeup icon transparent background". Instead of the word makeup, you can search for lipstick, a mirror, hairbrush, anything that represents Beauty.
Choose an image to your liking and save to your camera roll. Note: They must have a white background, upon pressing the image to save, the background must remain white. (If you see a grid, this will not work)
Download the "Phonto" app.
Open the Phonto app., click on the camera and choose your background image that you have saved from earlier.

Your background should now appear. Click on the bottom left menu, and "Add Image". You can choose the transparent icon for your Highlight.

Once your icon is imported, click "Done".

Your icon will now appear on your background. It should fully be transparent. If you are seeing a grid or white background, you did not save the correct transparent picture and must redo Step 2 & 3.
You can tap on the icon and move it anywhere on the background. I, personally, adjust my icon with only 2 edits. 1) Alpha is the fading effect of the icon, and 2) Size is how big or small you want the icon to be.

Tap anywhere on the background to add Text. If you don't want any Text, skip to Step 11.

This app. lets you add symbols to your text, along with different fonts. Once you add your text, you can adjust the editing options as shown in Step 8.

Here you can see that I moved the text in the middle of the laptop icon. Another perk of a transparent icon. Click on the bottom right in order to save your new icon cover for your Instagram Highlight. After you saved, delete the current icon and repeat Step 6-10.

STEP 12 
Upload the icon/background to Instagram Stories and create your Highlights. You're done!
 If you are unsure on how to create Instagram Stories Highlights, go over to my How to create Instagram Stories Highlights post.

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