How to create Instagram Stories Highlights

March 2, 2018

With the recent Snapchat update, a lot of users have either deleted the app, refrain from using it or turned to Instagram stories. I've deleted my Snapchat a while ago as it sort of got boring. Sure the filters were cute and funny, there were even some that made me look 5x better than in real life.
But for people that I actually cared about what they were doing, were using Instagram stories more. Thus I transitioned too.
So if you aren't too familiar on how to use Instagram stories, it's pretty much the same thing.
Open your Story on your feed or profile and post, just like that you're done. Your stories last 24 hours and if you set your archive on, the content will always be there in case you ever want to re-upload.   

 Turn on the auto Archive feature on in your story settings. You can find this on your profile upper right side, it's the image that looks like a clock next to your username.
 If not already done so and you haven't posted a story, no worries, it'll ask you after your first post.
Upload either a picture from your camera roll, snap a picture or record a video. Then click "Your Story" to post. Remember, this will be posted for a full 24 hours and then after it expires, will be saved to your Archive. If you delete the story before the 24 hour mark, it will not save to your archive.
In case you haven't set your auto archive on or made a post before, you'll be seeing this pop up. Just click "OK". This is turning on the auto archive.
There are 2 ways to create Stories Highlights depending on your profile. If you have a business account, please follow Step A. For a personal account, follow Step B.
Go to your profile and click "New". Skip to Step 5.
Go to your profile and click on what looks like a clock icon next to your username.
Click on the "...", located on the upper right side. A pop up will appear, choose "Create Highlight".
(Excuse the profanity - lol)
Choose your story and then "Next".

Name your Story Highlight, you can also edit the cover by positioning how you'd like it to appear. Once done, click "Add"!

You will now see your Story Highlight on your bio!

To edit or remove a Highlight, go to the highlight on your profile, tap and hold. A pop up should appear with 2 options; Edit or Delete Highlight.
"Delete Highlight" will simply delete the entire Highlight and no longer appear on your bio.
"Edit Highlight" will give you the option to rename your Highlight, change the cover, and under the "Archive" tab, can add or remove stories.

It'll be confusing but you'll get the hang of it.
I'm thinking of creating a post on how to create icons for Instagram Highlight covers!

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