My Current Makeup

March 21, 2018

I actually got an email from someone asking what product I use on my brows. So after answering her, I thought, hey, this is my blog, why not share the makeup products that I'm currently using?
Again, this isn't a beauty blog and I'm no beauty guru but I do love makeup as much as the next girl and this blog is supposed to be featuring my interests. And makeup, is definitely an interest. I'm even thinking of doing a "Latest Makeup Routine" series, what do ya think?
Well as of now, here is my current makeup for an every day look. Next time I'll throw in my moisturizers, primers, and settings in the mix.
*The Brand/Product - Color/Edition 
  1. Anastasia Contour Kit - Light to Medium (Banana for under eyes, Fawn + Java for contouring)
  2. Wet n' Wild Megaliner - Black (not sparkle)
  3. MAC Lipstick - Myth or Creme d' Nude
P.S, MAC foundations and lipsticks are currently on sale at Nordstrom! I just restocked on mine (;


  1. The lipstick looks like right up my street! Love it!

    x Lisa |

    1. Yes, it's my daily essential! It's a must add!

  2. OMG. Yes. I absolutely love Lash Sensational. It's literally sensational lol. And the anastasia dip brow is the best !


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