We moved!

Our lease isn't over until April 2nd, so we have 3 weekends left to clean out what's remaining in our old apartment. I hate feeling rushed and when it was time to pick up the keys to our new apartment, I sort of wished I was more prepared!
 I'll sure miss this apartment, It's Carlos and I first apartment together. It's the apartment we lived in as an engaged couple. And the area that we live in is amazing! We have shopping strips, restaurants, corner stores all nearby! Unfortunately C wasn't too happy anymore due to ridiculous reasons so off we went apartment hunting.
I can say that moving took a toll on us, especially me. Well I guess the both of us honestly. C worked all weekend and still came home to move/unpack. I of course stayed home resting my leg and unpacked what I could do. Moving however did make my leg worse. It's swollen now! And we found out that I'm allergic to the antibiotic they've prescribed me. So back to the doctor this week. *eyerolls*
Maybe when we settle in, I'll show off the new place? (; One thing for sure, I'm tired of moving so we did sign a 14 month lease and got a 2 bedroom! Details later...maybe.

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