Chai Chats // 10 Things I would tell my Teenage Self

April 6, 2018

We've had a lot of fond memories with our family, friends and significant others. But there are also not so great memories which lead to regrets. I'm sure if each and every one of us could have the chance to talk to our younger selves, we would. I certainly would.
There were some major personal issues I've gone through, you know, the kind where a Therapist was needed. Actually, I am still going through some 'issues' but if anyone would like to send me an email and share their experiences or ask for advice, I'm listening. 

Here we go...
  1. Don't lose your virginity with the guy you met at the club.
  2. Be grateful for the Quince your parents threw you, let go of the "Sweet 16th" you wanted.
  3. Don't get off birth control.
  4. Go on that Senior trip. Bc when you're 29, you still haven't gone to Europe.
  5. Go to your Graduation walk. You will make Mom very proud.
  6. 2 of your "friends" will tell you to skip Cosmetology class with them during lunch. DO. NOT. GO. Just don't.
  7. Don't join that phone contract with Cindy, the argument wasn't worth breaking up a 15 year friendship.
  8. Pay more attention to putting gas in the car, especially your first time.
  9. Make a better name for yourself.
  10. You didn't buy it with your own money, but respect your first car.

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