Easter in Somerville, TX

April 2, 2018

C, Togepi and I went to my parents land in Somerville, TX this passed weekend to spend the Easter weekend. C's family came as well and we took them to one of the lakes to view the scenery and if the kids wanted to, jump into the lake for a swim.
Blue bonnets were everywhere and you know I had to snap a couple of photos with Togepi. I tried getting a couple of shots of just himself but for my dog moms out there, we all know how hard it is for a pup to sit, stay and be focused. 
Lake Somerville is such a great camp ground if you're looking for something similar. It's a 2 hour drive from Houston, located in a very small town where you'll see tons of land, cows, horses, and if you're lucky, deer! I do however advise that you keep an eye out on your pups. I supervise Togepi when he's outside in the open or he'll be on a leash for a walk, you can't trust those vultures!
Well here's a quick peep at my Easter, or shall I say, Togepis? (;


My nephew and little sister

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