How I Edit my Instagram Photos

April 12, 2018

 It's no secret that we all like to edit our photos, using filters, brightening here, and contrasting there. But where it all really starts is using a good camera. You don't need a DSLR but a good phone camera is all you need.  

I'm sharing how I edit my Instagram photos, some steps vary, depending on the photo. But if you're looking for that brighter and whiter effect, well here are my steps.

Download both apps, free version. You can pay if you end up liking them for more access to what the apps offer. This is just a couple of 'effects' I use. However I don't use them all each time, again, depending on the photo.
  • Facetune 2 - Brighten, Whiten, Smooth, Detail/Sharpness, and sometimes Paint
  • VSCO - Filters, Brighten, Contrast, Highlight, Shadow, and Tempature

Upload your photo to Facetune 2. 
Scroll over to the 'Adjust' option and up the Brightness so your photo and background can brighten up. 
Since I want to make my flowers white (they are white roses, the photo makes it look tinted bc of the lighting), I'll lessen the color.  Click the check mark when done.

Scroll over to the 'Whiten' option. This is mostly where all the magic happens to whiten that photo. 
Use your finger to swipe on your screen anywhere on the photo that you want to whiten up. You can add a second layer if wanted by picking up your finger and redoing it again. You can adjust the 'whiteness' (lol). 

I'll also smoothen the photo a bit using the same finger technique. Same goes for the Detail option. In this case, I used smooth for the petals and Detail for the opening of the roses. 

You'll need to upload the saved photo to VSCO now. 
Choose the photo and click the + symbol. This will take you to the filters. You may choose any to your liking. I personally use either HB1 or HB2. Depending on the photo and to keep the same theme on my Instagram. 

Below I used HB1, it made the photo look icier vs. the HB2 filter. Once chosen the filter, you can adjust the filter strength to your liking. I always tone it down midway. 

Feel free to use the Exposure setting and brighten the photo more. Now it's ready to upload!


  1. This was SO helpful. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Of course, sweet girl!
      Don't be afraid to use that whiten tool! (;


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