My Engagement Ring

A year ago today, it was the beginning of my life changing...Carlos proposed to me.
Today makes our One year Engagement and in honor of that, I'm going to share details about my engagement ring!

 I've been getting tons of DMs on Instagram recently and I'm sure it's probably coming from a comment I made on a popular engagement ring post. So I decided to post about my ring, making it easier to lead any askers here!

If you already know me personally, then you know this isn't the ring I was proposed with. For those of you that are new to my blog, you can see my original engagement ring on my Proposal Story post.
Carlos was so nervous and eager to propose, he got something temporary and knew we'd pick one that I loved later down the road. At least I'd like to think that - lol. 
So without further ado, let's get to what you're really here for...
Gemstone: 9x7 Oval Moissanite
Color/Clarity: H / VVS

Color: 14k white gold
Width Band: 1.5mm
Mounting: Diamond basket and 1/2 band
Diamond Weight: .34 ct 
Diamond Color/Clarity: H / SI2
  • Moissanite is equivalent to a Diamond on the Mohs Scale of Hardness rating at 9.25, Diamond scoring at 10. Meaning it is very difficult for the stone to be scratched!
  • Moissanite is much more affordable than a Diamond.
  • Moissanite have the same similarities as a Diamond to the naked or untrained eye.
  • Moissanite will give off that 'sparkles more' look because it gives off a rainbow effect vs a Diamond which is a white sparkle.
  • You can check out more photos and videos of my ring on my IG Highlights.

If you'd like to know who my jeweler is and/or pricing, send me an email at


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