Meet Togepi

Togepi @ 1 years old

Since Togepi is such a huge impact in my life, I thought he deserved a introduction post on my blog!

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Meet Togepi

Togepi @ 8 weeks old

Where is Togepi's name from?
I got his name from a Pokémon character, one of my favorite characters actually. I wanted something different, and unique, like my name. Plus when we first got Togepi, it was during the Pokémon Go phase.
How old is he?
 His birthdate is 9/30/2016 - Libra
How much does he weight?
At 1.5 years, he is at 11.2 lbs and that isn't heavy! 
What breed is he?
 Togepi is a Maltipoo, a mixed breed between a Maltese and Poodle.  
Is he potty trained?
Is there even such a thing? I mean I can honestly say yes and no. As a puppy, we trained him to go outside. He wouldn't even know what to do with potty pads if you were to place them in all honesty. There was a phase where he would have accidents inside and thus we started kennel training him. Now he can be trusted to be left alone at home without his kennel.

How did you get a dog?
Carlos gave him to me as a gift. We got Togepi after Thanksgiving 2016, which was during Carlos' new graveyard shift. I jokingly told him, I'd be okay with his new shift if I got a dog to keep me company AND HE AGREED. I had to take advantage and started searching!
Why didn't you adopt?
 I tried. I knew I wanted a puppy so I can train and get to know their personality. As I visited over multiple shelters, puppies weren't available. I even had my interest on an older maltipoo, daschund, and even a poodle but they were all on holding status. Thus I looked on Facebook to see if anyone was giving away any pups. Which leads to the below question... 
Who is his breeder?
I'm unsure if he was bred intentionally. I really don't like the idea of breeding and selling pups for a profit. I especially do not support puppy mills. After failing at trying to adopt, I found someone on Facebook selling her litter. I did look at previous posts and didn't find any 'breeding intentions'. I browsed through her pups photos and once I spotted those pair of saddest eyes, I knew he would be happy with me as much as I would be happy with him. Togepi was actually the biggest in his litter, yet the last male to be chosen.
Did you intentionally get a male dog vs. a female?
 YES. When Carlos said that I can have a dog, I knew I wanted a boy! I'm pretty selfish and wanted to be the only girl, and I did not want to buy hair bows and dresses.

 Togepi's 1st toy

Togepi's pjs are from a sleeve of my onesie 

Left: 5 months old  &  Right: 7 months old

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