We got a 2nd Dog

May 4, 2018

Happy Friday! The weekend vibes are finally here and it's going to be a great weekend y'all.
Tonight I'm visiting 2 of my closest girlfriends on their side of town. Tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo and although C and I have nothing planned, I'm taking both the dogs to the park and grab myself a Margarita at a dog friendly bar.
Did you catch that?
"Both dogs", that's right, as in 2.
A girlfriend of mine was looking for a home for her pup and I offered to keep the little one. I ran it across with C and surely he was on board. That was it, we were getting a 2nd dog.
I've been wanting Togepi to have a playmate, a buddy, a brother or sister. I didn't like him being alone at home anymore and I wanted a companion for him. Doggy Day care costs were adding up with his 2x a week visits.
I always knew I was going to get a 2nd dog, I just didn't think it'd be sooner than later. I also didn't think I was going to get a male again than a female. I was already thinking another Maltipoo or a female apricot Poodle but instead, this little pup needed a home and I was sold.
Truth be told, I think it was because I knew I wanted to adopt/rescue and I saw this as that opportunity. Also, I wanted my friend to know that he will be taken care of as she knows I'm a huge #dogmom with little T, and at least she'll be able to see him.
I'll introduce the little fella soon. Today is officially a week that we've had him and so far things are going good. He's still warming up to us but I'm sure happy that he and T are playing along just fine.
Keep up with the boys on T's Instagram at @togepimaltipoo and watch their stories!

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