Tips on Searching for the Perfect Wedding Venue

June 27, 2018

 Searching for the Perfect Wedding Venue is hard, extremely hard. In my share of planning, I'd say it was harder than choosing Vendors. This is the place where our photos will be taken, where the guests will be judging, and most importantly, the place Carlos and I make our lifetime commitment to each other.

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

June 6, 2018

I went Wedding Dress shopping for the first time last weekend, and I went alone.
I have never pictured my first time going alone, I actually thought I'd be with my bridesmaids, or maybe just my mother to have that personal memory between us. But I went alone.

And it wasn't because everyone was busy, no one even knew because I didn't tell anyone. I was even going to bring my FiancĂ© with me until I truly sat back and cancelled him out. So yes, I actually chose to go alone. I had no clue what kind of dress I wanted; the color, the fabric, the style, everything. But I did know that I wanted to go alone and find out what style I ended up liking so that I can go back to my Pinterest board and further researched that particular style. 

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