June 8, 2018

These girls aren't labeled my best friends, matter of fact, they're best friends...to each other.
I somehow got brought into the relationship by another ex-friend of ours and it was one of the best things that could happen to me. Because they became my closest friends, my triangle and to be brutally honest, my only friends.

I've known these girls since Middle School. Did we all talk then? No. We weren't even close in High School either. It wasn't until we all graduated when we started to get to really know each other.
Olga has seen me dipped in the beach late at night in my underwear and also put me in the shower with all my clothes on because I got too drunk and threw up. Didn't we also break the Hotel's microwave spin-y thing because we were drunk? LOL
Maritza is a lovey dovey soul when she gets drunk. She's also the mature, judging, motherly like figure out of us. The one with the most tattoos, the healthiest, and god damn it she doesn't even need makeup either! Oh and she was there that time I threw up and they cupped their hands to catch it. OMG.
It's quite funny actually, if you were to seriously ask them, "Is Yach your Best Friend?" They'd say no and then we'd all look at each other and laugh. Tell Olga and I "serious face" and we'll laugh.
We don't have the title Best Friend but we sure do act like it when we're around each other.

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