Tips on Searching for the Perfect Wedding Venue

 Searching for the Perfect Wedding Venue is hard, extremely hard. In my share of planning, I'd say it was harder than choosing Vendors. This is the place where our photos will be taken, where the guests will be judging, and most importantly, the place Carlos and I make our lifetime commitment to each other.

Carlos and I probably have seen about 5 Venues when we first got engaged a year and a half ago. Only 1 has stuck with us. It was affordable, the scenery was beautiful, it went with our theme, and the location was convenient. We knew that the venue would be perfect to say our I Do's.
I thought I'd share some Tips from experience. 
More than likely you've already set a theme or have a color scheme in mind. Are you having a rustic Wedding? Maybe something elegant instead? Make sure that the Venue suites your color scheme/theme. Nothing screams cringe worthy more than you wanting a black tie Wedding and getting married in a barn.
Is the Venue gorgeous enough that you don't need to invest in much Decorations? Take the Venue above for example, there's lights, tulle and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling so there wouldn't be much décor to plan. Just cue the linens and florals, yay for savings!
Guest comfort:
Is the space big enough that it won't feel so stuffy? Do you feel the AC? Are there enough Bathroom stalls? Is there a smoker section for the smokers? Sit on the Venue's chairs (if provided) and see if it's comfortable. You are paying a lot of money for your guests to enjoy the day with you, you'd want them to be just as happy being there.
Kid Friendly:
If you're having kids at the Wedding, is the Venue kid friendly? You don't want 20 kids running around in a tight space, breaking delicate décor, falling into ponds, or going to places where they shouldn't be going. Is there a separate room they can enjoy themselves? If not, maybe you should consider a babysitter or have some activities for them to do.
When driving to the Venue, be cautious of it's route. Is there more than 1 way to get there? Does it seem complicated where guests can get lost? How long is the drive? Are there any Hotels and gas stations nearby? Drive to the location at night as well, that way you can see if it's just as easy as the day time. (Carlos and I found out there wasn't much street lighting so we have to consider that)
How long is the parking from the walk up to the Ceremony/Reception? Would you consider Valet parking? I'd hate to sweat walking up the Venue on a hot day or walk back to my car wearing 5" heels after a night of drinking/dancing.
Bride & Groom Suites:
Is the space big enough for # of bridal party members to get ready in? How is the furniture? Keep in mind the Bridal Suite is the first place you'll be taking photos and video of you getting ready. Do you have your own restroom? How far away are the Bride and Groom suites from each other? The last thing you'd want is to see each other before the Ceremony. (Yikes! Bad luck?)

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