Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

I went Wedding Dress shopping for the first time last weekend, and I went alone.
I have never pictured my first time going alone, I actually thought I'd be with my bridesmaids, or maybe just my mother to have that personal memory between us. But I went alone.

And it wasn't because everyone was busy, no one even knew because I didn't tell anyone. I was even going to bring my Fiancé with me until I truly sat back and cancelled him out. So yes, I actually chose to go alone. I had no clue what kind of dress I wanted; the color, the fabric, the style, everything. But I did know that I wanted to go alone and find out what style I ended up liking so that I can go back to my Pinterest board and further researched that particular style. 

Browse for Dress Inspiration:
This is where Pinterest comes along and if you don't have one, well you better sign up because it's pretty much the best place for inspiration to plan an entire Wedding. There are Thousands of Wedding dresses on Pinterest from every style you can think of. Start browsing for ideas so when you go dress shopping, you can actually look for something similar and try on. This also will help your consultant.

Choose a Store with a variety collection:
I went to Davids Bridal, I was recommended from a friend to go there first as they have a huge collection and that I'll for sure find a style that I'll like. Well not at the location I went to. I advise that you look into a store that carries lots of styes that you can try on and not just browse in 1 aisle. 

Confirm if the Store has your size for try ons:
Most stores do, well the big companies at least. So don't go to a small business owned boutique and expect you're able to try on a dress when the biggest sample size they got is 4 (exaggerating of course). You sure don't want to waste yours, theirs and the people you brought, time.

Make an appointment:
Again, most stores can assist you without an appointment but it's highly advised that you set one up because this gives you your own consultant that focuses on just you. The appts. usually run between 1-1.50 hours long.

Another thing about making the appointment, is try making it on a weekday vs the weekend. I scheduled mine for a Friday 12PM. Not only did I have my consultant all to myself but I had 2 assisting me and the entire place was empty. (This also works great if you're someone that doesn't do well with crowds, or self conscious on trying clothes in front of people)

Set a Budget and stick to it:
If you're realistic as I am, then you already have a budget in mind. STICK TO IT. Also consider that possibly alterations will be needed. Tell you consultant where you stand, they will work with you and should never pressure you to spend a little extra. 
If you happen to go over just a bit, perhaps you don't need that chocolate fountain after all?

EAT before you go shopping:
I understand, you don't want to be bloated and want to fit that dress perfectly. But let's be real. If you find that dress while you haven't ate a damn thing, they're going to measure you as is. Wouldn't that suck if you got the dress and it didn't fit because you just finished eating Olive Garden's endless pasta? Besides, no one likes to shop with a BRIDEZILLA.

Wear comfortable undergarments:
I wore nipple gel covers and nude high waisted spanx. Now this isn't what I'm going to wear for the big day but nude, white or sheer is the best way to go. A strapless or sticky bra would be your best option.

Do bring someone with you:
Ideally, don't bring more than 5 people. Every person will have an opinion, so keep it minimum. You might love the dress but someone will tell you they don't and point out why...which you either overlooked or agree with. Who better to tell you the truth on how you'll look on the big day? 

Open your mouth:
Don't be afraid to tell your consultant what you don't like. They are there to help you. You should get comfortable with them, especially because some will be in the dressing room with you. 

Take photos:
Firstly ask if photos are allowed. Have someone take photos of the dresses you like. Have them take the front, side and back photos. Note down the designer and price point for you to look back on.

Do your hair and makeup:
Roll your eyes if you want to but this is crucial. Why would you want to show up bare faced trying on a dress and think it doesn't look 'put together'? So pound that makeup on, glue those falsies and curl that hair. Having a sneak peak of how you'll look like will help a lot. Besides, if you happen to choose the dress, don't you want to snap a picture with a "I said Yes to the Dress" sign?  

Don't buy your dress on the first trip:
This is honestly my opinion. Some girls will fall in love with the 2nd dress they tried on at the first bridal store, by all means, who am I to plump their perfect dress out of their hands? I just believe that there will be another dress you'll love even more at another bridal boutique if given the chance. I advise that you go home and sleep on it. If the dress feels like it's meant to be, go back. (Now if you shed a tear on your first try on session, obviously there's no need to wait.)


  1. Wedding dress shopping is so much fun! Were you able to choose one you liked?

    1. Indeed it was!
      No, I went to just try on styles to see which best suited me. That way I can further look into dresses for that particular style.
      Can't wait to try again!