1 Month Experience attending a Christian Church

Wow, I can't believe it has now been 4 weeks of learning about God. I say 4 weeks vs 4 Sundays because every day consisted of a question I asked Carlos about "the King". It wasn't just that Sunday that I was curious, it was every day.

 Here's a recap of my religion background and my opinion on my first time visit. I sure can say a bit has changed since then. Nothing like my heart, soul, and personality. But more of this urge on wanting to learn more. I'm lucky that I have Carlos, maybe it's him being a Christian but he seems to have all the answers.

I find myself to already include Church in my routine. Like every Sunday I know it's time to wake up at 7AM and get dressed so we can hit the 9AM session. And yes, it takes 2 hours for us to get ready and make the drive. More on that later. What's weird is that I don't want to stay up late on Saturday night knowing we have church the next morning. You can say this can be anyone, but y'all, this is for Church. I can always just sleep in and skip it but I don't want to. I caught myself doing laundry on a late Friday night just because I didn't want to do it Saturday night. This is a big deal!

Uhhh what's going on?

I haven't heard what Carlos thinks of me actually looking forward not complaining about attending church. I wonder if he's happy that I'm coming around? That I have questions? That I talk about what I learned that morning? THAT I'M INTERESTED IN WANTING A BIBLE OF MY OWN?!

I'm telling you...change.

Maybe I think I need this, as someone that suffers from anxiety and depression (hey, sounds like another Chai Chat post on a rainy day), just maybe I feel like I need some type of 'peace'. Now I haven't changed, I'm still Yachy. I'm still the person that likes sex, curse like a sailor, hates the people that did me wrong, and likes to drink and get drunk...I'm not perfect. But if I want to give my life to Jesus, am I supposed to just stop being who I am? I like to curse, it's what makes me, me. Will Jesus be upset that I curse? That I'm having sex before marriage? That I support the gays?

Obviously I have a lot to learn, the thing that gets me is that I actually want to learn. In the meantime, since this is a personal blog containing daily vibes, I'm thinking of making this post into a series? Unsure what I will call it but instead of posting on Fridays, I think I'll post later in the evenings on that Sunday and talk about what I learned.

Feel free to ignore my Sunday posts.  


  1. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful and personal post! I would love to hear more on your continuing experience of attending church. I grew up as a christian and going to church every Sunday, which I still do to this day and I love being part of my church family! So I am very interested to see where this experience leads you! Gods blessings to you!


    1. Thank you Inna! The church we attend is very welcoming. It's really hard to post something personal, especially about faith. I appreciate your read and story!