My First time going to a Christian Church

I'd never thought I'd bring religion onto my Blog but here we are, reading about it.
I'm unsure how long this post will be, if the outcome will be negative or positive, or if I'll even follow up on another post. What I do know is that I'm going to be real, so this post probably isn't going to be good for the believers out there. If you're curious just as I am, then by all means continue to read and I invite you to leave a comment with your experiences on faith.
I should first start off with my religion background.
I was raised Catholic, wait, raised? No that's wrong. I attended a Catholic church when I was young. Much better. I did the whole she-bang; got baptized, first communion, first confession, and attended mass every Sunday with my Mom. I'm unsure at what age I was when we stopped going to Church but I know by the age of 14-15, I no longer was a regular. Maybe we stopped going when I spoke out to the Father and told him God wasn't real and when it was time for mommy to pick me up, let's just say it took f o r e v e r for the Father to end his 'talk' with Mom. Who knows?
My mom stated that she no longer took us to church because as we were getting older, it was time to decide if we wanted to follow the religion. It was our decision to find it on our own. She didn't want to force it on us but believed that we had our own right. My mom doesn't go to Church but she is a firm believer. She still prays, praises and shares the love to this day.
And sometimes I wonder to myself, for the last 15+ years of not following Him, did faith come back to my life without me even knowing it?
The reason I ask this is because my Fiancé is a Christian. When we first met, we never spoke about religion, nor did he mention that he was a Christian once. Regardless if he ever did, that certainly wasn't going to be a reason I would cut off the relationship. Just don't shove it down my throat, ya know? 
But is it possible that faith came back to my life 2 years ago so I can attend service last Sunday and actually not complain about it? To willingly want to go back this Sunday?
My first time attending a Christian service wasn't so bad. It's different. I sure can recall that our Catholic church didn't have a live band playing godly songs, they didn't have ice cream at the end of the service, they didn't have separate rooms, yes rooms, for all kids ages to enjoy activities. 
At the end of the service, there was a pastor that asked if there were any new comers (which was us), that they hoped we'd continue to attend services and that if we were unbelievers (me at this point) that didn't think we needed God in our lives, to raise our hand high. For everyone else to close their eyes and bow their heads because the decision to raise our hand was between God and us.
So I raised my hand...
And I did catch a couple of judging eyes.

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