Wedding Inspiration Board - Updated

If you don't recall my original inspiration board, here's a refresher.
I spent the last 4 months wedding planning of the theme I wanted to just recently realized it wasn't the same as my inspiration board a year and 3 months ago when I got engaged. Of course that meant I had to update my blog about it.

When I first got engaged, I wanted a Winter wedding but then quickly scratched that off as the venue prices were ridiculous during that season. Fall was my next choice, Carlos and I like the breezy temperatures more than the scorching sun. When he agreed for Fall, we've then stuck with it.

So then it was time to choose our colors or theme. Right away he knew what color suit he wanted to wear with his blue, thus I needed to pick a color scheme that would go with it and the season. At first I chose burgundy, it was a lovely combination and it was one of Fall's well known colors. But soon after I decided I didn't want a moody wedding and have chosen neutrals; ivory, gold and some greenery.

I wanted something comfortable, whimsical and a touch of elegance. Navy blue didn't fit into my color scheme but Carlos wouldn't budge so I decided that the guys will wear their suits and I will have to tie in the blue another way...the wedding invitations. I'll go into detail later about that, we are still a year away after all. I wanted our Venue to be white and gold with a rustic setting. I'm not a huge fan of florals but I knew I wanted greenery everywhere I can think of. It'd be much more affordable too than bouquets of white roses.

So in my experience of wedding planning, you'll change your colors more than a handful of times. You'll delete your Pinterest board out of frustration and then rebuild it again with a new theme. And I'm here to say that that is OK. I'm sure my girls and mom are tired of me changing up the colors but I can finally say, that I'm happy with what I ended with.

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