Wedding Update

The Springs Events Venue

Originally 2 weeks ago we were supposed to book our Venue/Date. Unfortunately things intervened and we had to hold off on it. If you think Wedding planning is the only stress you're going to face, you're wrong! Because honestly you're missing out on the stress of the journey to When are we going to officially book?!

C and I got engaged a little over a year ago. With the date we have in mind, we'll be engaged for 2.5 years. I don't mind a long engagement as it was what I wanted but at this moment, I want to get this over with! Not to say the entire Wedding, but booking the date. We practically chose our Venue already but then lead the question, "Are we inviting kids?"

We both decided no, it's too expensive, it won't be as fun, they won't behave, etc. So there we are I am scrambling to find a small Venue to hold 100 guests so we can book this month and continue the planning! Of course C's family had to be upset because it meant none of his 2-4 cousins can attend. My answer? BIG WHOOP. I have 34 little nuggets with a possibility that my own brother and sister might not attend as I have nephews and nieces with no co-parent around. So I kept reminding him that and we stayed on our path. (C really doesn't want kids at the Wedding)
But insert family drama and Carlos' guilt trip here, BOOM, the idea of no kids is scratched off. Damn, we were legit 2 weeks away of booking! And I was pretty frustrated that I had to look for smaller Venues and make/cancel tour appts. Needless to say I was pretty annoyed and an unhappy stressful Fiancée isn't a happy home.
So I thought to myself, what if we chose an out of town Wedding?? We were already planning on booking on Thanksgiving weekend = less guests would've attend...especially if they had kids. Sure I do love all my little nuggets but let's be real, I was never really a great aunt. I'm very selfish and always dreamt my Wedding to be small, intimate, and formal. So I'm totally find with some family/friends not attending my Wedding because it lands on a 'family Holiday', the people that truly love C and I, will be there and it's just the way I would want to share my Wedding celebration with.
Luckily C got on board, especially when I found a new Venue just based off Dallas, TX. What's even better is that the Venue is from the same Company, it's just more updated. I booked a tour next month and I'm glad to say that when the tour is over and if we love it as much in person, it's a 90% chance we'll be booking the day of!
Please cross your fingers, 1 month to go.

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