Introducing, The Farmhouse!

A month ago was my latest Wedding update and here I am finally getting to write that we booked our Venue!
We didn't get to book at the The Springs in Denton, TX as we had in mind, long story short; C had said that he wanted to participate in the Wedding planning process and booking out of town would feel like he wouldn't get to be a part of, since work would restrict his traveling.

I was bummed but fortunate that C was a groom that actually wanted to help plan our Wedding. You don't come across a lot of grooms like that so I'm feeling pretty blessed at the moment.
I decided not to mention the date we're getting married until it's closer, reason being because I'm going to share a couple of photos of the Venue on our tour! Needless to say, saying when and where there's a party online doesn't sound like a great idea. I'm unsure if there really is such a thing as "wedding crashers" but I do know there are some people that aren't involved in our lives and yet would take the opportunity to ruin something if they could.

Back to the positive!

I'd love to introduce you to, The Farmhouse in Montgomery, TX. The Farmhouse is a modern white barn located on 64 acres of land and just an hour outside of Houston. I drooled at the pictures and knew I had to contact someone to get a tour and just so happen, they were available and able to squeeze us in at the last minute! Boy am I glad we didn't sleep in or cancel because when we set foot in that Venue, it was o v e r. We'll let the pictures explain...





December 2019 couldn't come any sooner!

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