Happy Halloween 2018


Unfortunately there is no #WeddingWednesday post today BUT there is the cheerful Holiday of Halloween! OK so Halloween isn't a Holiday and it sure isn't cheerful, but it does make little kids and this Bride happy so cheerful is what we're calling it!
Sadly there is no costume for me, Mr. Alanis or even the pups. Yup it was a boo-ring spirit in this household. In the beginning of October I was psyched for Halloween and googling ideas for our costumes but you know, Wedding planning intervened and next thing you know, Halloween was in the back of my mind until the week of.
The only thing we're doing to celebrate Halloween is me painting my face like a skull for work, decorated the future hubs Bar and watching a spooky show or movie. No candy. No trick-or-treaters. No spooky music. No costumes. NADA.
Not sure if it's because I'm feeling like I'm older or maybe I'm just too focused on the Wedding but this girl was not in the Holiday spirit this year. Sadly since Halloween is my favorite. Seriously tho, I'm not even looking forward to eating the traditional Thanksgiving food or looking at peoples faces opening their Christmas gifts. Can we just skip to 2019 already?
Well don't let this boo-ring ghoul stop you from celebrating!
Happy Halloween, guys!

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