Why you should have an Engagement Party

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You're engaged! Congratulations! Now what?
In my opinion, hold off on the wedding planning. Enjoy the engagement bliss as much as you can because once you set that venue and date, the stress begins. TRUST.

There is one thing you should definitely do once you become engaged and that's throwing an Engagement party.

If no one will host an Engagement party for you, why not throw it yourself?! When it comes to Wedding traditions, the rules no longer apply. As there are more generations, new traditions are developing and who is to say that you can't celebrate your happiness?

If someone were to ask me what is one thing I've regretted so far in my Engagement, I'd say not having an engagement party. *Insert violin playing here* Its true. I would've loved an engagement party! I even dreamt being driven to a restaurant or home where all my friends and family are waiting to congratulate us right after the proposal. 

When it comes to throwing yourself an Engagement party, you don't have to splurge. Host it at your place, a close friend's or at either of your parents. Save yourself some money than renting out a space and use the funds for some cute decor, snacks and drinks!

Can't decide what time of day you'd like to throw the event? In my opinion the night time is better. Hang a couple of string lights to give off that intimate atmosphere. If you're involving drinks, definitely grab a Champagne bottle and make a toast. I would't involve games as this is more of a celebration than some wild quirky night. Hold that off until your Bridal/couple shower.

Lastly, I've read somewhere online that you can throw an engagement party anywhere from the week of your engagement to 6 months. I highly disagree waiting more than 2 months in my opinion. When I was in my 4th month of being engaged, I immediately regretted not throwing an engagement party. I sure didn't want to throw one at 4 months, not even 6! I didn't want people to think I was that girl looking for any reason to 'seek attention'. But now that I think of it, maybe I should've as this moment only happens once...hopefully - lol.

From one bride to be to another, take my advice.

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