What I learned about being Engaged

Here we are with another Wedding Wednesday post!
Unfortunately this isn't a cheerful one that Brides would like to read during their stressful moments. But before I continue to rant, let me tell you what I've learned so far about being engaged.

  1. Everyone will give you their opinion about the date and location of your Wedding. (Most of these people aren't even on the guest list)
  2. Aside of pregnancy, this is the time where the attention is all on you.
  3. Everyone wants to know your life plan. "Are you buying a house soon?" "When will you have a baby?"
  4. You actually get ahead of yourself and start planning your goals/life. And that's OK.
  5. Saving money is really hard and tempting.
  6. Your Fiancé wants to be more involved with the planning? He's lying.
  7. Nothing is traditional anymore. Don't want to toss your bouquet? Want to opt out on the Cake and get a Donut tower? You're having your dog in the wedding party??
  8. You're obsessively buying everything that says "BRIDE" on it.
  9. You consider eloping a couple of times so you can have the BEST honeymoon or have your Dream house.
  10. Your circle of friends are quite smaller than you thought. 
  11. Everyone offers to help but no one does.
  12. Anyone paying for the Wedding will do as they want. Now I wonder where I can hide that hideous photobooth?
  13. Pinterest is unrealistic. Don't focus too much on it.
  14. Not everything will go as planned.
  15. It's your Fiancés money too, his opinion counts.

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