5 Major Things To Do Planning A Wedding

This isn't a "First Top 5 Things To Do" post, no no no. Reread that title again ladies and gentlemen - this is 5 Major Things To Do while planning your Wedding.
Now that I am going 4 months into Wedding planning, it is the most work I have ever done in my life. It's like as if I'm eating and drinking stress every day. I seriously could go on talking about stress but that should definitely be a post dedicated to itself.
I decided to talk about the most important 5 things you should do while planning a Wedding, especially if it's yours. I have accomplished 4 and soon will be 5 when my birthday comes in August. Oh boy how I am looking forward to that Vacation!
Without further ado, here in my opinion are 5 Things You Should To Do while Wedding Planning...

Set your Budget and Sick to it
Setting a budget should be the ultimate first thing you do. From there you'll be able to control your Wedding from the theme to vendors. You'll also be on top of your spending. The great thing about budgeting is that if family or friends are contributing, their funds don't have to be included in yours!

Decide on your Top 3 Priorities
It'd be wonderful to have everything we absolutely want but then not only will it stress you out if you can't have it but could also leave you in debt. Picking the top 3 must haves is crucial. It also helps with the budgeting process and let's you know what you'll splurge on and save elsewhere.

Personally, we chose the Venue, Caterer and Videography.

Hire a Wedding Coordinator
I cannot stress enough about this. If a future bride were to ask me what vendor I recommend hiring first, it would be a Event Coordinator. I'm currently researching and hiring one myself - and as I mentioned before, I'm only 4 months into planning so that should clearly prove how you need one! Whether it be a full package, or month/day of, having someone as your right hand will help in any shape and form of you needs. Trust me when I say, you'll be saving a friendship if you were thinking of having your MOH do all the work with you. And by all means, if they made it til the end, you should thank them by buying a designer pair of shoes.

Take a break/Go on Vacation
A part of hiring a Coordinator, you deserve a Vacation. When you start planning a Wedding, it's non-stop. That's right. I even took a week break from anything Wedding related and what did I end up doing? Going on Pinterest just to 'browse'. Clearly there is no staying away. Ease your mind, take a step back, set a 'wedding planning' schedule and take a break. Let your Coordinator take it from there.

Now that the Holidays are here, I decided to take a break for the remainder of the Holidays and get back to it in start of the new year. I also plan on doing it again next year in August!

Have a Support Group to Help
Whether it be your friends, family or the Wedding Wire forum, you will need a support group to run everything with. Not only are you asking for opinions but you also have emotional support. Ladies and Gentlemen, this might be hard to hear but your FiancĂ© will not be there. Physically yes, but let's be real, they don't care what color the linens should be and what type of flower is in season. Besides, more than likely you'll be venting about your future spouse. I've had my share of complaints so trust me, do not hold anything to yourself and best talk it out to someone. It is the only sanity you'll have as you'll have a long road ahead of you.

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