I said Yes to the Dress!

That room above, that stand right there in front of the mirror, that's where I said yes to the dress!! And no, my dress isn't on that rack. However, those are some of the dresses that we picked out and if you look closely, they all don't have a thing in common because I wasn't totally 100% sure what I wanted.
I had made an appt. for this Monday at 2 Bridal shops. I honestly did not think I was going to choose my dress that day either. Since my father is the one paying for my dress #blessed, he wasn't with us. So I thought if I found a dress that I liked/loved, I would just go back to the appt. with him so he can see it and we'll go from there. Well that technically didn't happen! I'm getting ahead of myself so let's start from the beginning of my search...
My mom, sister and 5 month old baby nephew attended my bridal appts. Luckily my baby nephew was a gem all day! I was a bit nervous with him attending but really wanted my sister there. Our 1st bridal appt. was 10AM at Ventura's Bridal. I'll make this short because my encounter wasn't so great with the Manager to the point that I had to leave a negative review about her. However my consultant was great! Her name is Ashley for any of my Houston brides out there wondering. Ventura's had a huge variety amount of dresses to choose from, I can guarantee you will find your dress here. I ended up loving one and it was perfect to the T. However I didn't want to be a Ventura's bride because of the Manager and I'm petty as fuck and felt the need she didn't deserve my funds - lol.

So off we went to my 2nd appt. at The Princess Bridal Boutique. This place is located close to the Woodlands so it was a drive. It's quite funny considering that I originally booked my appt. somewhere else only to have THEM call and cancel on me because they overbooked. Princess Bridal Boutique was a last minute google search, that I never planned on shopping at. Seriously, since I got engaged, I had 5 Bridal shops in my mind that I wanted to shop at. TPB just happened to be close to the bridal shop that cancelled on me so I made an appt. And ended up saying yes to my dress!

The location looks small but roomy when walking in. There were dresses E V E R Y W H E R E, on all the walls, corners and even in the private rooms. And yes, the best part was that every bride got to have their own private room! It wasn't a small room either, this was big enough to fit a couple couches if wanted and have your guests sit. Sort of like a private show room? I loved that! So for any of my brides that have anxiety, no worries, you have complete privacy here. I didn't find much dresses to my liking but I still wanted to try some. I just requested that it didn't have 2 things (which I will not mention bc guess what? IT'S MY DRESS!) Yup. It's totally true what they say, do not knock out a dress on the rack until you try it on. As soon as that dress slipped on, I loved it. And when I walked out into the room for my mom and sister to see me, my smile was from cheek to cheek. I looked at myself in that mirror, turned around to my family and started tearing up. My mom and sister teared up too. I knew that was my dress. The best part of that? It was a look-a-like of a high end bridal designer that I've been dreaming of but couldn't afford. My dress looked like it and it was within my budget. PERFECT!

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  1. Omg I'm so excited for you! I got married at Clay's Restaurant in Houston back in October. Houston is the best wedding city!