Is a Wedding Website necessary?

Happy New Years!
What else is a great way to introduce the New Year than another #WeddingWednesday post!? Firstly, how is everyone's year so far? (lol) Now that the Holidays are over, I am back to my Wedding planning! Having the 2 weeks off was much needed and unfortunately wasn't yet enough.
Let's talking Wedding websites, shall we? Above is an example of mine and I can honestly tell you that this is probably my 6th template. #jkbutnotreally
At first I couldn't figure out if I should get one but after signing up for the Wedding Knot and it coming with a free website, I mean might as well make one. Months later, I realized I wasn't a fan of the Knot and then switched over to Wedding Wire. Now with WW, I liked how the templates were more customizable, easy and even offered an extra page for whatever you wanted to use as (I did a FAQ page). But as all good things come to an end, WW didn't have a lot of designs to choose from.
So lastly, I went with Minted. That's right, not only does Minted offer stationary projects but they also have a Wedding Website! They have everything Wedding Wire did, but their designs are limitless! You can even pick a design that matches the stationary that's for sale!
You don't have to do this but I purchased the domain (custom wedding url) for $20 and went to work on the design template. It's modern, clean and I love the simplicity. There's no hassle on navigating as the Menu option is clearly visible on the phone and all the tabs are visible when on the computer.
My only advice is to keep it simple and easy navigating as possible. Not everyone is tech friendly (hello grandparents!) unless you know some pretty smart children that can work around a website and can RSVP for them.
Here are a couple of Pros that I can come up with...
  1. You're saving money on save the dates, invitations, detail cards, stamps, envelopes, etc.
  2. Easily text and email everyone the link or
  3. Create a Facebook group/event with the website link
  4. Guests won't throw away something you spent money on
  5. Guests will never lose the invitation 
  6. Easy to pull up the link whenever they need it
  7. They're getting information right from the source (no mom, the ceremony is 5PM not 3PM) 
  8. You can add, remove and edit anything without costing anything
The final idea is totally up to you but I highly recommend setting one up. Hey, no one said you couldn't have both physical invitations and a Website (;

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