DIY Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

This passed weekend, I ran some errands gathering up supplies that I needed in order to make my Bridesmaids their proposal boxes. It was a long day and it involved having to drive across the city. Nonetheless, it was beautiful weather in Houston and I didn't mind not spending my time being cooped up in the apt. binge watching The Originals.
A previous Farmhouse bride made my vinyl custom boxes and shot glasses for me. She charged me $30 for gold metallic vinyl in my BM roles and names, shot glasses and 9 x 4.5 white boxes. So if you're located in the Houston area, be sure to scroll down below for her information! I then continued on with my day purchasing the crinkle paper, roses and my favorite sweets; macaroons.
I didn't want to add a cliché card actually proposing my bridesmaids if they wanted to be in my Wedding for multiple reasons. 1) They already knew they were going to be my BMs, 2) We were already 10.5 months away from the Wedding so the proposal box wasn't even needed, 3) I was on a budget already, 4) I wasn't asking, so they had no choice but to be in it and 5) It's lame.
If I had to give another bride advice, I would say keep it simple, know your budget and DIY if you can. There's tons of ideas on Pinterest, however my inspiration actually came from a friend's business. Ensure you give your BMs something they'll enjoy and get a use out of. I have a Jr. BM so I obviously couldn't give her a shot glass and instead opted for doubling up on the macaroons. In total, I spent just about $85 on everything / 4 boxes = $22 p/box.
Roses | Kroger
Macaroons | SWEET / TOUT SUITE
Crinkle Paper | Dollar General
Custom boxes + shot glasses | Stemp Creations

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