Wedding Planning Update

The last Wedding Update I had shared was 6 months ago, you can read it here. A lot has happened since then. We made our decision on inviting kids to the Wedding, created our color palette, saved like crazy, finalized our guest list, booked Vendors and we're now currently creating our Save the Dates!
Ever since we booked our Venue, time has been going quick! We're 10 months away until our big day!! I feel as if there's little time left but we're actually right on schedule, at least that's what our Coordinator says. And oh yeah, remember that time I said I was overstressing myself and after the Holidays I was going to hire a Wedding Planner? WELL I DID! I'm telling ya, a lot has happened and the process is moving by *snap snap snap*

So in chronical order of whom we've booked- we've hired a Caterer in November, Videography in December, our Wedding Coordinator in January and the Photographers in February. It's been busy! We're still needing a DJ, Officiant, Florist, Rentals, Hotel, Transportation...Ok shut up.

Back to the fun part, this month we are focusing on saving more funds, which I'm getting a HUGE help from Tax season, GOD BLESS! And we're deciding what we want to do for our Save the Dates. I find this area pretty pointless in my opinion but as etiquette, we have to do them *insert eye roll*. However, in order to save some money, I'm leaning towards sending something out digitally for the younger crowd and mailing out cards for the older guests. Smart huh?

We book our Florist next month, which I'm excited about as we all know floral is what makes the décor and the event more beautiful!

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