Wedding Planning Update

It has been 2 months that I haven't booked a Vendor or done any Wedding Planning. I feel like I'm running out of time and should get back to it but yet there is enough time left. We're 7 months away now and it perhaps is more than enough to get caught up. My Wedding Coordinator has been busy with other Weddings between April-June. I've also been busy with finding our new apartment and moving thus leaving me in a financial bind. No funds = no new vendors. YIKES.
I'm hoping that at the end of June we will be caught up on our Savings, considering that we have successfully moved and get to make our 2nd payment on the Venue. Carlos missed a paycheck and it put us further behind with me having to pay the bills instead of putting it towards our Savings. I'm a bit frustrated and June is going to be a struggling month for us. I suppose you can say that this post is more of an update and to say why I haven't posted anything Wedding related in the last couple of months.
My advise at the moment is to stay in contact with your Wedding Coordinator because they are the only person that is keeping your mind at ease and reminding you that there is 'lot's of time left'. I mean you're paying them to keep you sane. And to save save save. I wasn't planning on running into some personal things that required you to withdraw some of your Wedding Savings. So it doesn't hurt to start savings funds for the Wedding as soon as you get engaged vs when you book the date/12 months before. Trust me.

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