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Lover of iced chai tea lattes, cold wine but warm beer, winter, messy hair buns, the color black and rose gold, penguins, brunch, day drinking, dry shampoo, a good sale, dog friendly spots, sushi dates, and girl night outs.

Hi, are we friends yet?

I'm Yachy. A 20 something Bride to be, dog mom, and creator of Happily Ever Alanis. I currently reside in Katy, TX with my Fiancé and our 2 dogs fur children.

I'm newly engaged and wanted something to document the start of my journey transitioning from a Miss to a soon to be Mrs. thus with support from my Fiancé, Happily Ever Alanis was created.

Here on Happily Ever Alanis you can expect to find my wedding planning journey, occasional beauty and fashion splurges, cooking attempts and some personal thoughts I wouldn't dare telling a person, because you know, telling the public online isn't awkward.

This little space on the internet is my online journal. Not only that I hope you'll follow along but that I too hope to find other women going through the same journey and welcome a new friendship.

If you're intrigued to what I'm up to on a daily basis, you can follow along on my Instastories or on Snapchat (yachyivy).



What is your profession? Do you blog full time?
I work a 40 hour, 9-5 desk job as a payroll processor for a Healthcare industry. I blog part time with no set schedule.

What is the story behind your blog's name?
Happily Ever Alanis comes from our Wedding #hashtag! 

Where is your blog's theme from?
From Etsy! It comes with step by step instructions and real easy to upload. The creator can also upload the theme for you for an additional fee.

What Camera do you use for your blog photos?
I use my iPhone 8 Plus. I also own a Sony A5000. I edit my photos on Lightroom.

How old are you and where are you from?
I'm a Virgo, 8/27/1989. I was born in North Carolina but raised in Houston, TX.

How long have you and your Fiancé been together?
We've dated since November 27, 2015, got engaged on April 15, 2017 and haven't been apart since. Read our proposal story!

What is your Engagement ring?
There is a specific post all about my engagement ring here
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